Saturday, December 03, 2011

This Hour Has 24 Frames Per Second

So the other day I found myself putting in a bid on a freelance animation gig for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. (For those of you outside of Canada, this is a popular political satire show on CBC) Much to my surprise, I got the job! So I worked it in around my main storyboarding job at Copernicus, which already keeps me plenty busy.

At his point, the episode hasn't aired yet, so no images, and I can't really get into any details about it. It's a christmas special, which will be broadcast sometime in the next 20 days or so (I assume). Hopefully CBC will have it available for streaming on their website.

So with the christmas season will come the end of my storyboarding job on Wild Grinders, which has been fun. It looks like I'll be moving on to animation next, which I am looking forward to.

I finished the animatic for Episode One of 'The Overlord' and a bunch of cool people have agreed to work on it.

I also managed to get some work done on 'Onions' my stop-motion project with Silo├źn Daley. That's something I am allowed to share with you...

So there. I updated my blog. Now back to storyboarding...

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