Monday, October 29, 2012

Animation With Love 3

Animation With Love 3 was a blast! We got to show a bunch of animation by local and come-from-away animators, and we had a great panel discussion about the state of the animation scene in Halifax, and in general. I met some cool people, and got inspired to make more films. Looking forward to next year!

Hey so yeah - here I am posting a blog about my event after the event is over! WOOT - go marketing department - Sil and I were a bit busy with our various day jobs, personal lives and actually trying to pull the event together... so some details got shuffled to the bottom

The two previous years we were hired as curators for the event that was run by the Centre for Art Tapes. This was our first year trying it on our own, and it went really well. We were not really sure we could do it on our own, but we did, and knowing that I think we'll be better able to organize things next year.

So to all you animators out there, get busy and finish your films for next October. And to all you people with eyeballs and brains, get ready to sit in a comfy chair and eat popcorn and watch awesome animated films next October!

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