Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Raw Clay

I started working on my next film, an adaptation of my sketchbook/graphic novel 'Your Days Are Numbered' which I did last year. When I wrote it, I was making it as a book, with the focus on that medium. It uses drawing and typography and bookmaking. Time is flexible in print media; the reader can flip back and forth through the book, stop and start, or linger on a particular moment as long as they like. I made the book with these sorts of things in mind, and for a film there are other considerations. The material will make a good film, but it needs to be re-interpreted and re-written. I don't simply want to animate the images that I drew for the book, as I don't think that will get the point across; also I think a film offers opportunities to convey some new ideas.


Mirco said...

sounds interesting, nice guitar

Dylan Edwards said...

Thanks - I'm working up some themes/motifs for the film. I'm leaning towards a mixture of techniques at the moment