Thursday, July 25, 2013

Onions - the final phase

I've officially started the final phase of my animated short project with Silöen Daley, titled 'Onions'. Most of the film is stop-motion, with a part that is traditional 2D. The goal is to be done before the end of the summer.


Titan Inc said...

Z2H the reboot? :P Think we can recollect the old crew? Like those epic movies where everyone reunites after years of having gone their own way. :P

Dylan Edwards said...


Dylan Edwards said...

I just looked it over - you have to PAY to pitch your ideas there. That fucking SUCKS and there's no way I am doing that. It's as much work as just doing it yourself, with no guarantee that they will deliver

My story Hero High won their competition, and they delivered nothing. Worse than that, I can't pitch it to new people, I can't write more stories for it, I can't self-publish it. It is sitting in the Zeros2Heroes dungeon of eternal darkness forever... at least until I can afford a lawyer to sue Matt Toner to et my property back.