Monday, June 13, 2011

New job etc

I'm stealing some time to update my blog - I've been working at a new job for about a month now, storyboarding at Copernicus Studios, so that's been keeping me pretty busy; not so much time for new animation lately. Some of my projects have been backburnered for now, at least until my workflow with the new job evens out a bit. Drawing all day is pretty darn sweet I have to say.

I have managed to make some progress with The Overlord. I just put some of the music up on YouTube, and I will be making the mp3's available when we add in the last couple of finishing touches to the last two remaining songs.

'A Perfect World'

'Power Doesn't Care'

'Access Denied'



Delos said...

Good to see you keeping busy and enjoying the new job.

Crackwalker said...

I most certainly am keeping busy - that doesn't seem to ever be a problem for me :-D

The job rocks - I'm really happy to be working in my favorite town, essentially drawing cartoons all day

Hopefully I'll be able to post some of my work eventually