Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laid up

I had surgery on my right leg this week so it's slowed me down somewhat, allowing me some time to do things like update my blog.

Work at Copernicus has been steady, and keeping me quite busy, which is awesome. I am really enjoying the job. The show is fun, and should be on TV in a year or so. It's my first time working on a show that used an overseas studio to do the animation, so I'm looking forward to learning more about how that works.

I have had other things going on as well. We took a 6-day road trip at the end of June, visiting Grand Falls NB, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec City and Montreal Que, and Ottawa Ont. It was a hectic trip, full of family adventure and fun. A lot of driving was done in the rented Dodge Grand Caravan; we clocked 3500 km.

So yeah, surgery. I've has varicose veins in my right leg since I was a teenager. In case you don't know what that is, it's gross veins that bulge out and look gross. It was always unsightly, but otherwise not much of a problem. When I hit 35 or so, it started to become more of an issue, causing pain and swelling and other grossness. So this week I got them removed by a surgeon with a scalpel. He made about 16 incisions all up and down my leg, and sealed the wounds with staples. Yeah, it's a bit sore right now.

I will post before and after pix of my medical miracle as soon as the bandages come off...


G. said...

Remember to loudly demand to see a mirror when the bandages come off. Maniacle laughter is optional.

Feel better soon! Yay employment!

Crackwalker said...

When the bandages first came off, it looked kinda gross. Now the bruising is setting in and I resemble some sort of WW1 trench warfare survivor.